A.3.2 - Lesson Plan Deconstruction Page

Collaborators: Kristin Coffield and Melissa Garrison

Instructional Level: Emerging (Grades K-1)

Lesson: Making Predictions

Prewriting/thinking Tools: myWebspiration Mind-mapping Tool Link

Deconstruction Graphic Organizer- A.3.2 Lesson Plan Deconstruction

Module 3.1: Begin Assignment

  • Identifying and establishing communication with a partner in O.D.3.1a. DONE
  • Determining whose wiki you will use for your collaboration and post your partner’s name and the URL for your wiki on the BBW Project Partnerships page in the designated table cell. DONE
  • Creating a wiki space for this project and determining a mind-mapping/brainstorming tool. See the sample wiki navigation at: http://ls5443samplewiki.wikispaces.com/LP_Deconstruct DONE

  • Reading through the lessons in CS4TRC at your instructional level of interest.DONE
  • Negotiate with your partner and select a lesson for deconstruction. Note: You may not choose the Advancing Main Ideas lesson on pages 107-110. ALSO, if you are focused at the secondary level (proficient middle schoolers or high students), I will provide you with lesson plans that are NOT in my currently published book. Please contact me for a matrix choices.DONE
  • Review the checklist: Rubric A.3.2.DONE
  • Use your mind-mapping/brainstorming tool to begin your discussion. You can find some possible tools under "Mind Mapping" at:http://ls5443.wikispaces.com/Web_2.0 (See the mind map Liz and I created for the course using Mind42 at:http://ls5443.wikispaces.com/5443+Course+Map)DONE
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